Join The Pack

Let’s sweat together!


Classes are 45min, from 8:00-8:45am, so that you can crush an early workout, feel energized, & have time to get ready for a productive day.

Classes are held 3x/week: Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays. 

*dates are subject to change but I will guarantee a total of 12 for the month. All sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make it.

I have added these virtual classes in addition to my private training because I have found that people really enjoy them, they are convenient, and it’s an effective yet FUN way to sweat together, from wherever you are!


  • Your payment of $120 +tax =$135.60 (only $10/class!)
  • A list of the equipment you have at home (ex: yoga mat, 5lb pair of weights, booty band, ankle weights, etc…)

  • If you prefer equipment use or not

  • Contact me if you have any injuries/if there is a need for me to provide modifications specifically for you

Class duration: 45mins
Class timings: 8:00 - 8:45 am
Class days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Timeline: NEXT START DATES TBD. *The Pack is currently on pause for the summer*

Please note:

– If you cannot make it to one of our sessions, kindly let me know beforehand- I will gladly record the class & send you a link to do it at your own convenience.

– You are required to keep your camera ON & audio OFF during the class.

– A ZOOM link to each class will be sent out to you within 10min of start time via email. You are NOT allowed to share this link. If you fail to receive it, just send me a text/Instagram DM & I will send it out to you right away!

– A password won’t be required so it should be easy to just join in. Please don’t be late, attendance will be noted.

– Feel free to ask me any questions during our session – you may use the chat box feature to ask me anything (for example: topics related to the current workout/exercises, if you require modifications, fitness, nutrition, & personal life). I will also stick around after so we can chat with everyone’s audio ON.


I create a new giveaway every month – I try to host one that gives members of the PACK a greater chance of winning. Check out my latest IG Post for details on this giveaway, and how & when to enter!


Join in on our IG group chat! I had the intentions of creating a space where everyone feels free to share anything they’d like to help build a supportive, stronger, fitter & healthier community together! It’s been going great & I would love for you to be a part of it moving forward! You may post anything from links (ex: recipes/scientific articles/news), photos (ex: progress/funny memes/apple watch cals burned), insights, & etc. I will be active in it to contribute some motivation, stimulate convo, and check-in on you guys. You are welcome to ask me anything in there or to provide feedback from the workouts we do together.

If you have any further questions, please send me a message at any time.


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